Wednesday, 30 September 2009

one more tick in the box

Hi, I feel as though I have been dragged through the hedge of technology! What a nightmare to set up this blog, ah well finally made it. ttfn Anita


  1. woooo, congrats to you! i have added you so am now following you if you want to link to any of the other girls then you i think can get them from my profile x see you on tuesday x

  2. brill! you made it...see you Tuesday!

  3. Hi all, hope you are all having a great half term, probably reading, researching etc for Ihar's lit review, on that note, I have just dipped into a great book from the first year 'Toxic Childhood' by Sue Palmer, some interesting bits regarding techno, but some great references in the back for further reading. thought it might be of help to someone!

    Just got back from sunny USA, had a fab time, yes i did find myself waving at a six foot high Micky Mouse - you can't help it, its contagous. Also got to see Shamou the Killer Whale - fantastic and out of this world. Any must get back to the research!!!!

    bye for now.