Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hi all

I would like to say thanks to Jen for talking to us today, it was nice to catch up. I am not worried about going to Warwick, however i think some other in the group are. I just wanna get their and get on, and i can't wait till the exams are over, I can get on my garden without feeling guilty, knowing there is not an essay, research project or observations that need doing!

I am struggleing a bit with Brian's essay, can't get my head round it, I know what the problem is, as soon as I finally get on with it, things will become clearer. Have just started reading John Holt's 'Why Children Fail' an interesting read, quite funny in parts. I havn't quite got to his theory on education yet. Think i am going to do the essay on him and Illich, but that may change again.

Enough rambling from me, ttfn


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  1. brill post!!! hope someone picks this up and helps.